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Indiana University Disciplinary / Title IX Proceedings

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Disciplinary Proceedings


Another area where Joe represents clients is IU disciplinary proceedings. Many times when students are facing criminal charges, the university they are attending will subject them to a disciplinary proceeding where sanctions could include a verbal warning, probation, deferred suspension, suspension or expulsion. All students involved in the disciplinary process are entitled to have the assistance of an advisor or attorney. Joe has represented IU students in this process for allegations ranging from simple alcohol violations to serious accusations of drug dealing.

Title IX


He has also represented clients in Title IX investigations and hearings. Title IX cases have a specific set of rules and regulations that IU follows for the investigation and hearing phases. Title IX proceeding have very serious consequences, given that the subject matter is sexual assault.

For specifics on types of cases and results of cases with university disciplinary proceedings, please feel free to contact Joe.



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